Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I would like to add a little about the bidding page at http://www.finishcarpentryhelp.com/how-to-bid-finish-carpentry.html. The example I used refers to a very simple house and is just a base to work off of. The higher end houses requires a little different approach due to the fact of extra trim work involved. Things like high windows, extra crown molding or just about anything extra, beyond the doors windows and base has to be taken into consideration. Example is your square footage price would not include something like 100' of crown molding installed in different rooms, in this case I would determine things like how much cutting is involved in the installation and the amount of footage of crown. I have done enough where I can estimate my time without cutting my own throat but for inexperienced people trying to bid do take your time and becareful to take everything into consideration.

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