Thursday, July 31, 2008

Installing Trim

When installing other types of trim such as chair rail or quarter round or shoe and others refer to the baseboard pages. Installing these are basically the same and using the directions for cutting or coping will work with most of these different styles of trim.

Crown how ever is a little different but once you understand how it is installed and how it gets attached you would basically hold it on your saw the same way it gets attached and then make the cuts to the crown. I will be adding some detailed information on applying crown molding soon and will try to explain it as simple as possible although many things are happening right now and I need to get these projects done and up.

To get to the baseboard pages go to and through that page are links to all of the instructions for installing.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I would like to talk about the information on the website at If you end up on the site and can't find what you are looking for shoot me an e-mail through the contact form at the bottom of the pages, I would be glad to help. There is a lot of information on how to install the different trim work and the tools and if you don't understand some of it don't be afraid to ask as I know I am not the best writer out there.

Also when I first got the site up I got a lot of e-mails that were not getting answered because of a answers were not getting back and I do feel bad about that but the glitch has been fixed and I anwer everyone.

I am constantly building this site and want to be able to provide all the information I can to help and have avenues available to help. I like the Google ads but they are not quite set up the way I would like yet, but this is being worked out and they will improve. Again let me know if there are
things you would like to see on the site I am open to all suggestions.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

free e-book

To answer some questions on the free e-book...when you click to down load it you then click the high lighted text. I know its a lttle confusing and I plan on fixing this so its easier. This corner shelf is a creation of mine and yes it can very easily be modified to whatever you like. I use it for the T.V. and stereo components. You could even make it much nicer with a little imagination. Below is how it is advertised on my home page at and yes it is totally free. You do have to buy the materials but it is pretty basic and the materials are fairly cheap and the unit is easy to build.

Get the free E-book and check it out, Its basically a fancy corner shelf unit which can be used as an entertainment center or just a shelf for collectables. If you don't like the size try experimenting on making it smaller or more fancy. The pictures don't do justice. Everyone that sees it loves it and wants one. Its very easy to build.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Its friday finally...I have been so busy lately...a lot of things are happening....the e-books are coming along good and should be ready to go live soon. I have been doing a bathroom remodel these last few days which is kind of different and fun. Also the store for
is being set up and is in construction and will be ready in a couple weeks. The new store will have its own address at which is kinda cool and also it will be linked from the original site. Ok time to get this day going.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This web page stuff is lots of work....I finished up the office job and am continuing with web site work or trying to...had a major break down of my computer and haven't been able to do much on the site at . Hopefully everything will start running smoothly again and things can get moving ahead....better days are coming!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have had a few people asking about the cabinet e-book and handrail e-book. I am hoping they will be done and ready soon as for a time frame possibly in about 2 weeks. I am also working to get the ecommerce store set up on the website at so tools and materials can be purchased at the site. All this is a lot of work and as always more pages and information is in progress to be added. Hopefully in a month or sooner everthing will be functioning properly and we can start adding more goodies.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4TH of July

The last few days I have been trimming out some offices. This trim job involves the use of some different styles of trim and the use of target blocks which I have not yet covered at The Target blocks get installed at the top corners of the doors so no miters or 45 degree cuts need to be made and the casing gets installed up to these blocks with just straight cuts. Same for the windows, the blocks get installed at all the corners no mitering needed.
The baseboard is of the large variety like you would see in the older homes. I believe it is 4-6 inches in height when installed ( I haven't measured the exact width yet but I will and will post some pictures). This bigger baseboard has to be cut in a little different manner then the more popular smaller baseboard which is covered at the web site.
In the future I will be adding pages of instructions to the web site explaining how to cut and install some of these different styles of trim work, so stay tuned.