Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is my mom's birthday...she is 65 yrs. young and I had to mention it because I know she will be reading this....Happy Birthday and I love you Mom.....Today I would like to talk about this company I am working with that is helping me set up the store and do continued work on my web site project. They are located in Indiana and have been absolutley wonderful. I have worked with a few web companies in the past, and this one stands out far above the others.
Mom always taught us to be curteous, honest and respectful to others. This company treats its customers that way - they give me straight answers with no b/s and listen to my opinion! They are honest, curteous and offer good solid advice and are interested in helping me achieve the next level in business...what a rare find in todays market. So if you are truly looking for web success here is the link to their company

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Anonymous said...

Pat Thanks for the birthday wish in your blog. It was a total surprise and special to be recognized like that You mentioned that we guided you to be an honest and respectful, it really is easy to teach those values. It is what the person does with the information that counts. Your business and work ethic makes me proud!!!!!! Thanks again for remembering. Love Ya Mom