Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Household Stair design - defining your living style

Author: Anirban Bhattacharya

When talking about stair design, there could be as many kinds of designs as there are houses. A staircase is an essential ingredient of a home and decoration of a staircase very much influences the look and appearance of a house. The design and look of a staircase depends on the overall look of the house and nevertheless on the taste and preference of the inmates. Stair designs could be of various kinds. For instance it could be Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian or even contemporary. Each unique architectural style enhances the look and feel of your home and helps you make a definite fashion statement. Staircases could also be made from solid glass, aluminum, timber and even stainless steels. These materials are mostly used in case of contemporary stairs which lets sophistication define the style. Some users prefer stair designs devoid of clichés so that they are easy to clean and could be maintained better. In some cases, the materials are combined together which would compliment other materials as well as the design of the home. A number of users prefer stylish spiral staircases. The balusters of such staircases are normally made of iron or wood. In most cases, architects prefer using pure timber handrails that goes well with the iron balusters giving a unique rustic look to the whole ensemble. A staircase could be steep or gradual, narrow or wide depending upon the space and choice of the householder. The design and appearance of a staircase is directly dependant on its functionality. For instance, a stairway located at the main entrance of a house would need to be wide and obviously sturdy, other than being stylish if budget allows. The same in situated at the basement can work even being narrow. The stair design should be made keeping in mind of the rules governed by building codes of the locality that earmarks the stipulated heights, depth and width of each step, placement of handrails and more. These standards should be abided by to ensure more protection of the house and its inhabitants.

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