Tuesday, July 29, 2008

free e-book

To answer some questions on the free e-book...when you click to down load it you then click the high lighted text. I know its a lttle confusing and I plan on fixing this so its easier. This corner shelf is a creation of mine and yes it can very easily be modified to whatever you like. I use it for the T.V. and stereo components. You could even make it much nicer with a little imagination. Below is how it is advertised on my home page at www.finishcarpentryhelp.com and yes it is totally free. You do have to buy the materials but it is pretty basic and the materials are fairly cheap and the unit is easy to build.

Get the free E-book and check it out, Its basically a fancy corner shelf unit which can be used as an entertainment center or just a shelf for collectables. If you don't like the size try experimenting on making it smaller or more fancy. The pictures don't do justice. Everyone that sees it loves it and wants one. Its very easy to build.

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