Thursday, February 25, 2010

Add Beauty Through Chair Rail Molding

Chair rail molding is one of the most beautiful ways to protect the walls from the harmful scrapes and dents caused when chairs are pushed against the walls.

Now-a-days with the growing availability of wonderful design pattern, it is trendy to go for this functionality to add grace to the house. They are applied to give a modern accent to the room and obviously guarantee the “wow” factor for your modern home.

Chair rail molding is a dramatic addition which will dress up the perimeter of the room along the middle and gives a wonderful wainscoted look to the room. The walls are protected and this forms the dividing line in the middle where the walls above and below could be painted differently. May be one could paint the upper part and can paste wall paper to the lower part.

The alternate use of chair molding is that they could be used as panel molding which is used to divide panels on walls or ceilings. Chair rail is available in many materials which include MDF, Ultralite which is lightweight MDF, finger joint pine and polyurethane. It comes in all variants of wood like fir, pine, oak or any other wood of customer choice. Finger jointing is a process by which the wood is made defect-free. During this process the short lengths of timber wood are joined to make longer lengths and they are then processed in a machine to yield the final solid product. They produce the characteristic interlocking joint and produce clear graded timber. The moldings arrive primed.

Any DIY enthusiast with sufficient knowledge of tool usage can attempt chair rail. The materials needed include chair rail and 2 ½ finish nails (used for clamping). The basic tool needed would be a claw hammer, nail set, miter box, a coping saw and caulk. Measuring tape, Pencil and stud finder are the accessories. A chair rail finds its place around 32’’ above the wall. But typically depending on the size of your furniture one could fix it anywhere between 24 and 48 inches in the room. Once the place is decided, the height of the chair rail is then decided which is nearly 30 and 36 inches. Windows in the house could be the other reason to consider. They can be installed in easy steps.

Reinvent your interiors with the glorious designs of Chair rail molding. This creative addition will certainly ‘up’ the glamour quotient of the wall!

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