Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Find your way to Finish Carpentry

The hallmark of a modern home lies in their wonderful interior and beautiful exterior which is endowed by Finish Carpentry. It enhances the elegance, gives an appreciable look and feel and even a simple home can be transformed into an exquisite living place.

Professional Finish carpenters guide homeowners with their common principles which are the following:

• Design is equitable in use and shall be appreciated by people across diverse ability by creating more space to be enjoyed by all. There can be no segregation based on a person’s ability and design would be visibly appealing.

• Design allows people of different taste to be use it conveniently. For example, a left-handed person and a right-handed person should be able to operate easily. It guarantees flexibility for people to space out their choices.

• Design gives importance to ease-of use and ease of comprehension to make it more acceptable among the users. A simple design always is a safe way.

• The learning modalities differ from person to person. Design understands this variation and accordingly fine tunes the presentation.

• The design should take care of the tolerance to the error. It should make sufficient allowances for the same, specially a misuse of space. Installing fail-safes, warnings and signals prompt users about probable misuse.

• The design should lower the fatigue of user while using. There cannot be too much of effort and exertion.

• Finally, the design should take into consideration people of all ages and size.

The above principles can be used as guidelines for a Do-it-yourself enthusiast too in his pursuit.

Whether the Finish carpentry involves in designing the decorative hand railing, the baseboard fixing it is not complete without knowing about Carpentry tools which help in building or remodeling. Carpentry tools makes a difference in the final output and so to achieve a smooth and detailed finish, specific tools are used.

Let us understand the various tools used for this purpose:

• For excellent interiors, the power miter box saw (12”) which is used to make accurate crosscuts in a work piece is handy. For specific purpose, a compound saw could be used. This is used for cutting the wood for the intended look.

• Hand held coping saw to cut a range of wood, especially cutting unusual shapes and curves.

• Router (with different bits) and Belt Sander. Router is used to hollow out an area of a piece of wood. A Belt Sander is used to find the perfect fit between pieces.

• Wood rasp which is used to shape wood.

• A finish Nailer finds good use to nail pieces together

• Assorted wood chisels

• Razor knife is a good accessory.

• Assorted squeeze clamps with biscuits and glue help to achieve the solid build while connecting pieces.

• Screw gun

• Table Saw

• Carpenter’s pencil

It is interesting to note that some of these Finish carpentry tools are available as power tools and they are available as corded and cordless variety.

Finish Carpentry lays the foundation of impressionable wood working at home. You will certainly gloat in pride with this investment!

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