Friday, March 26, 2010

Flexible Moulding Trim

Flexible moulding is actually a urethane resin alternative when compared to conventional wood trim. This may be utilized inside your home or even outside. When correctly applied, it will be unaffected by hot and cold temperatures, moisture or even salt.

Possibly the greatest benefit would be the material’s capability to bend. It can also be preformed easily into an arch. With only a ½ inch thickness or less, it could actually flex around a column greater than 12 inches in diameter.

These are unquestionably situations in which can not be completed with actual wood trim, nevertheless the product maintains the physical appearance of natural wood. This can be purchased in several different wood grains and may be finished the identical way in which standard wood is finished.

Urethane resins are definitely more immune to pesky insects compared to regular wood. Consequently, you will have no need to worry concerning termites.

Due to the fact it can certainly flex around corners as well as stair rails, it can also produce a potentially seamless overall look. It may be fastened by using construction adhesives, epoxy as well as glue. In the event that holes would be pre-drilled, hand nails, screws or perhaps different fasteners can be utilized.

An assortment of variations is actually produced using this material. Crown mouldings, door casing, baseboard, statues, circular designs along with numerous others can be purchased.

Surface finish is completed subsequent to installation, any time finishing is needed. Flexible moulding is available in a variety of colors. Therefore, it might work as is without extra finishing. Really the only drawback is due to temperature conditions. Should the temperature fall lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the product will become considerably more inflexible and will crack or perhaps break instead of bending.

Extreme care should always be used when working with the product throughout the winter season (or even anytime in certain areas on the planet). During lower temperatures, installing outdoors might be challenging, since the product truly should be brought to room temperature or 60-85 degrees.

Once installed outdoors, this product will be unaffected due to the temperature. It is just an issue of losing the overall flexibility necessary to bend or even work with it which results in being an issue through the colder months. Inside temps are not typically a problem with regard to the installation of flexible moulding.

Staining should be completed following installation. In the event the product is stained prior to flexing, the stain may crack. Gel or wipe on stains provide the best final results. Penetrating stains are not recommended.

Urethane resins could be painted, with or without a primer coat. Therefore, whenever it’s time to paint the house, indoors or out, the trim can be painted along with the walls.

Potential uses and the ease of using will be what you will enjoy when installing flexible moulding.

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