Thursday, March 25, 2010

Utilizing Wood Filler Successfully In Finish Carpentry

When it comes to finish carpentry wood filler is really a wonderful product. This particular product is primarily used for filling the nail holes in trim work. Additionally, it may be used to fill those not so perfect miters however there are a few details to be aware of before you begin using it on your own wood work. The type of wood putty I choose as well as often suggest is made by Minwax. There’s a wide range of colors or shades of this product that may be blended and combined to match virtually any color of stain. The consistency of wood putty can be compared to childrens playdoo and is a type of plastic resins which hardens when it dries after it is applied. Matching the color of wood putty to your stain will virtually conceal nail holes, minor splits, tiny spaces in miters as well as other small imperfections so long as applied appropriately.

Wood filler should really be applied to your trim wood after it is stained and varnished. Subsequently after this is applied an additional coat of varnish will certainly seal as well as protect the filled areas. The reason behind this is actually due to the fact this product consists of several chemical substances that can be absorbed into the wood in the event that it is applied to raw wood. These types of chemicals may disrupt the natural absorption of the stain in to the wood where the actual wood filler had been applied and yield unfavorable results. You will find a number of brands as well as varieties of wood putty available. Make sure you read the instructions intended for use in order to obtain the best possible end result.

Do-it-yourself wood putty

Anyone can easily make your own wood filler. Using a hand full of very fine saw dust together with White or wood glue you can make this by simply blending the glue along with the sawdust. Form this mixture into a workable putty. It is most certainly not as good and strong as the real thing however will do the job in a pinch. Furthermore bear in mind this will end up being the raw color of the wood but will take stain ok. Take care to clean or even sand any excess wood putty off of the raw wood to ensure the stain can penetrate evenly.

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