Friday, April 22, 2011

10 Inch Bosch Miter Saws

Today Lets take a look at the 10" Bosch Miter Saw. A side note here, I have one of these saws and absolutely love it. I have used it for years in my business and it has performed flawlessly for years. One small problem I had a few years back was the switch that turns the motor on and off wore out but I am convinced it was from so much usage.
I did not buy mine from Amazon however I would not be afraid to as I have ordered other tools from them with very speedy service and with really good luck.
Lets see what other people say about this saw:

-Incredible - You can't go wrong with this saw! - Other tidbits include an easy to use depth stop for cutting grooves, pullout extension slides for the table, and a 3 way adjustable handle for comfort on all cuts. I just don't see how a miter saw can get any better than this.

-IN A LEAGUE OF ITS OWN.....I just received my Bosch 4410 dual compound sliding miter saw from UPS today. I used the Dewalt 12" sliding compound miter saw to build a Decorator's Showhouse style home. All I can say is that the Bosch 4410 is far superior. It is smoother, quieter, prettier, easier to carry, and seems far more powerful.

-If you are like me, the first thing that runs through your mind when looking at an expensive tool is 'Wow! But is it worth the money.

-The 4410 is an outstanding piece of machinery! A lot of money but worth it!

-Terrific, Every once in a while a piece of machinery comes out and changes the industry forever, the sliding dual bevel miter saw is one of these remarkable inventions. Bosch has truly separated themselves with the 4410 and 4412.

NOW SOME BAD (Every tool has bad reviewers)

-The features are great, but the overall performance is very lacking. When I went to check the saw for trueness I was suprised to find the fence was out of square by in excess of 3 degrees.

-I was excited about this saw when it first arrived, and it worked well until the warranty expired. When it went out of square, the autorized repair shop, with direction from Bosch, quoted over $350 to fix and said even that might not do it. They said it had been dropped or run over by a truck, both of which would be difficult since the saw had been on a stand since it was new.

Here the good reviewers seem to out number the bad. You have to understand that sometimes you might just get a lemon and it does happen with every tool. Like I said I own one of these saws and if I was to go buy a new one I would start my research with Bosch because of the good luck I have had.


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