Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 10 Inch DeWalt Miter Saws

The 10 Inch DeWalt Miter Saws come with a lot of innovative features. They are one of the most popular names on the market today. The saw is very sturdy and will last for years. Here are what some of the reviewers say about this saw:

--Miter adjustment is rock solid. The quick detents have no wiggle room at all, and the detent override makes it easy to adjust to any angle. The simple push-down miter lock is easy to use, and once locked I was unable to force it slip to either side.

--For trim work, I have found you just don't need to buy a saw with lasers and clamps and whatever else. Just buy the right saw the first time, a sturdy one like the DW713.

--I watched this 10 Inch DeWalt Miter Saw get day in and day out abuse from students who cut too fast, started the saw while touching the work, let the saw run too long, let the saw snap back to its upright position, chopped wood not against the fence, never cleaned the blade or used wicked dull blades all day. Long story short: you couldn't find a better field testing environment than a high school shop class. Despite this merciless abuse, this saw cut perfectly accurate.

--This 10 Inch DeWalt Miter Saw has adequate power and does not bog down unless you really try to rush it which is a bad idea to start with. I cut plenty of hardwood with it and have had no problems.
The saw is very accurate, mine was perfect out of the box.

--The 10 Inch DeWalt Miter Saw is a handy size, and it has a nice carrying handle. The miter adjustment is the best design I have tried.

Every tool has some bad reviews but all in all there are not a lot of bad reviews for this product worth mentioning.

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