Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 12 Inch DeWalt Miter Saws

The 12 Inch DeWalt Miter Saws are one of the most well known products to have come out from DeWalt. Almost all the reviewers agree with the fact that the overall build quality of 12 Inch DeWalt miter saws is excellent. Here are what some reviewers say, good and bad.

- The 12 Inch DeWalt Miter Saw is very powerful and smooth, and the laser works well, though it took a while to get it set up.

- If I had a con, it would be that the dust collector bag is small and stingy.

- I decided to try this Dewalt because it was belt drive, and I thought that would smooth it out on fierce cuts. That proved to be the case, it has been a very good and very smooth saw. So far, no problems, have had it about a year and half. It also has very good power. Adjustments are easy, table section is reasonably stout.
All in all, I am pleased.

- Out of the box The 12 Inch DeWalt Miter Saw was nearly perfect. But as stated by others, the throat plate stinks. It's a cheap piece of plastic. It bows in the center and will throw off your cut. I removed it and the bow remained. I tossed it. I'll buy the zero clearance metal plate or maybe make a couple from hardwood.
The blade cuts well but leaves a rough edge. It would be a good blade for cutting dimentional lumber but not for furniture grade hardwoods.

- I was impressed with Amazon's shipping speed...2 days! WOW!! The saw was ready to go right out of the box...and needed no adjustments. This saw will cut through anything...especially the 6 1/2" crown molding I have! The fence is great and accurate...makes bevels a sinch to perform. I am very pleased with the saw.

- The DW716 miter saw I purchased meets all my expectations and was just the item I was looking for. The only disapointment is the blade that was sent with thew saw. It doesn't make clean cuts when mitering trim and splinters the wood making trim cuts unacceptable. I had to replace trhe blade with on I had just to make clean cuts.

The worst review is at the bottom of the list and as you can see it is not really a bad review. I have used the 12 Inch DeWalt Miter Saw and it performed extremely well for me.

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